In the endless sea of human beings, we gather and separate. May our friendship transcend time and space and grow with time.


Your friendship, like a lamp in my life, illuminates my heart and makes my life glorious.


No matter where you are, luck and happiness always accompany you. May beauty and happiness be with you everyday.


Those who walk in the desert hope for sweet springs; those who struggle in adversity long for sincere friendship.


The quickest step is not to stride, but to continue; the slowest pace is not small step, but wandering. Good night, good friend!


I hope you reach out your hands and accept my abundant blessings. In your future days, let the flowers of happiness shine and fragrance.


When you exceed others a little, others will envy you; when you exceed others a great deal, others will envy you.


Ambition and perseverance are the wings of your career. May you spread your wings and soar over the mountains one after another.


In an endless sea of people, we meet and separate; I hope our friendship breaks through time and space, and grows with the years.


Come on, here’s a bright future. Come here, smiling face. Those who dare to open up are willing to give life for creation.


Youth, sunshine and laughter belong to you. I wish you a happy and happy melody in the new year.


May my blessing become a spring of thirst-quenching on your expedition, a sweet comfort on your troubles, and a flower of triumph.


At the first warm and cold season, a message leaked from the tree top: New Year’s money came, and send a deep blessing.


Farewell one eye, the moment of separation I said, time is not long, will not be a lifetime, if the heart is in, the situation is in.


Love, do not rely on, thousands of words into silence; you can not forget me, I can not forget you, meet for a period.


Gently greeting, do not want to disturb you, only wish you work! Stay in your heart and wish you a happy holiday.


Friends, no matter yesterday or today or tomorrow, I just wish you health and happiness, with the most insipid and true happiness!


Happiness is on the way, just brave pursuit, difficult conquest, success is you, please do not hesitate!


Time passes easily, time is easy to throw people away, you have my thousands of blessings to accompany you, all the way well.


You are the pure white flower in the sky, the sea of my feelings falling in my heart, splashing the waves of happiness.


Blessing is a real intention, not a thousand words. A heart song, wish you peace and good luck!


The friendship is everlasting, no matter how far the road is, no matter the ends of the earth, I also want to give you this heartfelt blessing.


Wish you kindness like Lei Feng, hardship like Yu Gong, cleverness like Cao Chong, wallet drum like Huo Yingdong.


The road to work, the pouring of sweat, the footsteps after work, the input of hard work, I wish you a happy work.


Dear baby, how are you recently? Do you miss me? Take good care of yourself and love yourself.


I let the wind take my thoughts of you, I let the rain leave my lingering love for you, still unchanged.


Blue is so deep and steady in the sea that it represents perseverance. May your life always be full of blue.


When it’s cold, friendship won’t be cold; when it’s snowy, the worries are still there; when you add a dress, don’t catch cold, take care of your health!


If God can do anything, then give you all the happiness and give me half your pain.


I have a heart, even if it is solitary living alone, also do not drift with the waves, have a negative childlike goodbye or friends.


My kindness please, it is up to you to decide, you are happy so I am happy, I wish you happy every day, happy.


The bosom friend, who is far away from the heart but closely linked, is the most deeply loved but deeply isolated love in the heart. Good night!


My heart beats for you every day. I am moved by you every minute, and I worry about you every second. It feels good to have you.


The most precious of all dangers is what we get, and the friendship we have forged with the Communist Party will be with you and me forever.


There is no mountain to climb, there is no ridge to cross, as long as the courage to face, everything will go with the wind.


God created fingerprints because he wanted people to know that in fact, everyone has scars. Good night!


I wish you were an ashtray, I was a lighted cigarette, I burned all my life in order to be in your arms!


What are you doing? I miss you. I really want to become a little bug, drill into your ear, see you still bother me.


Treasure this love, such as treasure, gently into this emotional temple, to feel every moment of the wonderful time.


Get up early a cup of water, beautiful girls are also beautiful, empty stomach do not drink milk, nutrient waste, breakfast is full and good, happy in the morning.


When you turn it on in the morning, you can see my best wishes for you, a rose in your heart, bringing you good luck for the day.


The body is the capital of revolution. Pay attention to work and rest. Do not be tired. Remember our appointment, contact more!


May happiness surround you like sunshine, and may fortune surround you like spring rain.


The time we spend in love grows wings, and when we leave, they become our spiritual pillars.


I wish you a lot of good deeds! A lot of smiles! Happy every second, happiness, every day, happiness, every year, health to eternity!


Let’s spread our legs and sweat and step on the thunder. Outside the school, there are flowers in the future.